Flatland MMORPG

This is a conversation that just now happened between a friend of mine and me on EP.

Someone asked me what my favorite book is. Of course, my favorite book is Flatland. The person didn’t know of the book and asked what it was about. So I started to explain, but my friend also decided to contribute. Then it spun off onto a weird tangent about a Flatland MMORPG.

OP: What’s your favorite book?
Me: Flatland.
OP: What’s it about?
Me: It’s a satire of the Victorian era merged with an element of mathematics. It’s told in the perspective of a square (literally named A. Square)–a two dimensional creature in a two dimensional world. Females are lines and are looked upon as lesser creatures (again, satire of the Victorian era). Males are polygons. Only regular polygons are accepted into society. If their interior angle varies by more than 2 degrees off of the proper angle, they’re classified as Irregulars and are shunned. Triangles are the low, soldier class. Squares are the middle class. The more sides the figure has, the higher his class. Circles are of priestly level.

The story goes into more detail about their life and all. A. Square is in charge of understanding the third dimension and trying to preach about its existence to the rest of Flatland. Of course, being a parody of the Victorian era, such a concept is shunned and turned away as heretic and insane. There’s much more to the story than this. It’s really less mathematical and far more a parody of the Victorian era as told through a mathematical tale. No more than fifth grade math is used. It is also meant to make us open our eyes to the possibility of a fourth, fifth, sixth–n-dimensions that might exist.

Here. Read it for yourself. Doesn’t take more than a few hours at most:
Friend: ooo, I liked that one too – listen to it as an audiobook.

I want to be a three-dimensional god-being hovering over 2D flatland, speaking pronouncements inside people’s heads, making them explode by pushing my fingers into them.
Friend: * I listened to it as an audiobook, that is.
Friend: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flatland 
Me: I did. I listened to it as an audiobook while following along with a text copy. 

And lol that’s a bit morbid. But I’d sure love to mess with their minds xD

Friend: Holy crap, someone made a movie about this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyuNrm4VK2w
…I’m not sure i like their interpretation, the talking Pac Men and such…
Friend: Flatland is an MMPORPG waiting to be built, isn’t it?
Me: I saw it a loooong time ago, but it’s nothing like the actual book.
Friend: You have your marching orders, MathematicallyMindedFractal. YOU are the person to make this happen. Seriously.
Me:  Once I’m in college I will make it happen. Especially if I go to MIT. Because there I can gather a team of programmers that will want that to happen as much as I do.

With optional first person POV! 😀
With story mode and MMORPG mode. OMFG THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW
Friend: “optional first person POV” XD
I really want to play this game, Math. I don’t know anyone who would be better suited than you to pull it off, in all seriousness.
Me: You know, I’m going to take a few CS classes just so I can make this a reality. Follow me for the next few years, and pretty soon this will become a real thing. I’ll also put you on the team of alpha testers. x’D

That was the exact conversation.
In case the MIT admissions office is reading this, I can’t possibly repost all of my intellectual conversations to this blog. But I assure you–this is indeed what I do talk about in my spare time. In fact, it’s 1:50 AM 10/27/14. This. This is life. THIS IS MY LIFE, I TELL YOU. Ah Stream-of-Consciousness, why can’t I censor you when I’m sleepy… because my subconscience is funny and might lead to meta self-referential humor like this sentence.

Flatland MMORPG

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