Nullum Magnum Ingenium Sine Mixtura Dementiae Fuit

Because why not?

There is no great genius without some touch of madness!

I fail at pulling off the Einstein face.
Very soon you’ll find out what and all is scrawled onto the board behind me. It has to do with the Fibonacci iterator and the Euclidean Plane. šŸ˜€

E/cĀ²=M. āˆš-1=I. PV/nR=T. It's funny how I was talking about MIT to a classmate of mine today, and she interrupts me mid-sentence, asking me what my shirt meant. It took her 2 minutes to realize what it meant...
I tried to do the Einstein look. I have the hair. I have the tongue. I have the math. But I still can’t pull it off. On a side note, my mathematical theory is written on the board behind me.

My gawd I have a Miley Cyrus tongue…


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