Space Week: Because Science!

I’m not sure if hashtags work on blogs or not. But either way, hey, #spaceweek! So much more awesome than Shark Week!

I just watched today’s special “Which Universe Are We In” and of course, having followed the Multiverse Theory since I was 12, I already knew the stuff they were talking about. But it still warms my heart and reminds me of my dreams and goals. I want to solve the universe. Even from the perspective of Chaos, we are absolutely insignificant to the rest of the universe; however, the very fact that we’re absolutely insignificant yet we’re able to not only comprehend the universe but also what lies beyond is more than astonishing–there simply exists no word to describe exactly how astounding, amazing, and awesome this is. We live in the Golden Age of cosmological and quantum mechanical discovery, and I want to be on its frontier, riding the wave forwards into further discovery–perhaps even being the one that helps propagate these waves into deeper knowledge. Why? This is one question that I actually tend to avoid elaborately, for it can succinctly be summed up into two words: because Science. Does there really need to be any other reason, other than Science–just, you know, because SCIENCE? It speaks for itself. I don’t care about fame. I don’t care about fortune. I care about science. I care about discovery. I want to KNOW. To me, knowledge is the most valuable possession one could have, for with knowledge comes discovery, and with discovery comes progress–and that, I feel, is what is the human endeavor.

Space Week: Because Science!

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