Rosetta/Philae Landing

I’d just like to post a friendly reminder about how AWESOME it is that we landed a fricken’ space probe the size of a Smart car on a moving comet that’s 3 miles wide and 317 million miles away, having traveled 4 billion miles over ten years due to a very precise calculation of gravitational slingshotting, without the assistance of humans, holding onto the thing via harpoons and giant screws.

Why? Because SCIENCE, that’s why.

Just sayin’.

Anthropomorphizing anything with this personality automatically makes me want to hug the hell out of the thing, especially if it's a space probe, and that personality is a lot like Wall-E's.
I don’t know how Randall does it, but he’s able to make just about anything adorable by anthropomorphizing it. There’s something about xkcd that I really resonate with, haha!
Rosetta/Philae Landing

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