Poor Philae…

It wasn’t after xkcd posted the adorable “live feed” of the Rosetta/Philae landing that I really started to like this mission. Randall anthropomorphized both of them with Wall-E style personalities, which suddenly made them seem extremely adorable–optimistic robotic space explorers. If anthropomorphizing objects makes the general public feel more emotionally¬†attached to objects, then of course people that sympathize with objects will feel even more emotionally attached to them. On top of that, Philae is such an important object, and holds even greater importance. Philae even has “her” own Twitter feed, in which “she” sends out official tweets about her progress in her mission.

Sadly, because of the way she bounced, she is now in a little crater, and isn’t getting enough sunlight to charge her battery. On top of that, she’s in an unstable position. Unless the space agency can pull off an extremely risky maneuver to move her into a more stable location with more sunlight. She’s in critical condition now, and might only be able to collect a little bit more data until she goes to sleep forever, so prematurely.

I sat and cried for an hour or more, because this was the first space probe mission I’ve been able to follow live, and that actually interested me. I did watch the Curiosity landing, but I didn’t really follow it up much. But this… this is different. We’ve landed on Mars before. No one has ever landed on a comet before. This is far more interesting. Oh, poor Philae… I hope she can make it.

I drew this xkcd-style Philae in tribute to her… I hope she can safely be moved to a different location. Poor, poor Philae…

Rosetta, please help me. I'm scared. Please don't let me die. I must keep doing science! Don't let me die!
Based off of xkcd’s original “real-time” post, the panels of which can be found here: http://xkcd1446.org/#0 Poor Philae…

I’m crying again. I can’t stop crying. She went so far, only to fumble at the last moment… I’d hate to see her give up now…

Poor Philae…

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