Sleep Well, Little Lander…

Sadly, our dear little Philae was not able to get the necessary position needed in order to receive the sunshine to recharge her batteries. Poor little Philae…

But she tried. She tried her best. I drew this before I knew how much data she had been able to transmit. She gave it her all. Maybe she couldn’t live up to all that she could be, but she certainly did all that she could in her situation.

I’m already sympathetic for robots, but the fact that she’s personified by the masses makes her situation even more saddening… poor, poor, Philae…

Sleep well, little lander. You’ve gone so very far. Rest, for you can still do Science when you awake. Sleep well, little lander. Hold on tight. You haven’t failed us. You haven’t failed us. You haven’t failed us.

This is one mission I certainly will be following closely.

Rosetta: "You have neither failed the ESA, nor the Earth, nor me. You have done a lot for us. Now rest. Sweet dreams, Philae. We will all miss you when you sleep."
Hopefully, this is only goodnight, and not a real goodbye… she deserves better. She must go on doing Science. Damn you, Randall for making me a little too emotionally attached to a space probe! But I can’t help it! She’s too adorable in his representation! Note that “ESA” is meant to be pronounced “essah” for rhyming purposes.
Sleep Well, Little Lander…

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