Philae Cuddle

Once I get my computer fixed, I can draw properly.
But I did do a little doodle of Philae in about 3 hours total (I got a little lazy at the end with the sky) a little while ago.

I really love that little lander x3
I’m planning on cosplaying as him to MegaCon! Hopefully I can find a Rosetta to to with me by that time, but if not, I’ll probably go as her a different day. It’ll be much easier to make a Rosetta cosplay than a Philae cosplay, but she’s not as recognizable as Philae is.

Rosetta is just jealous that she's not getting any hugs and kisses!
Rosetta doesn’t know what she just orbited in onto! I got lazy at the end with the sky and didn’t bother to shade Philae or me. Or draw myself properly. It’s supposed to be chibi. His CONSERT probes are also in the right place to look like little arms. He ¬†was destined to be anthropomorphized into an adorable and huggable lander! I still demand my plushie!
Philae Cuddle

2 thoughts on “Philae Cuddle

    1. We should write a petition! And send it to the ESA! Petition to make official giant Philae and Rosetta plushies! If only they could make a life-size Philae. I’d sleep on him! And like… a Rosetta neck-scarf! Her “body” would serve as a part you’d stick your head in, and you’d wrap her solar panels around your neck! x3

      Do you think I’m getting a little too obsessive? xD


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