Scoping My Room’s EMFs

Sorry about the audio/video quality. Last year, my good camera got stolen (and the photos on it as well–really good photos, some of considerable worth), and my parents have refused to buy me a new one. Oh, so it’s apparently my fault that kids at school are good pickpockets? Bah. Anyways, I have to deal with what I’ve got–in essence, a phone-cam.

And the lack of a tripod and editing software was really annoying…
I tried stabilizing it using YouTube’s inbuilt stabilizer.

Anyways. Despite this so-called “1080p” quality it recorded the video in that’s really more like 360p, you can still sort of see the point I was trying to make.

I was testing my oscilloscope and I noticed that touching (or licking) the probe caused a distinct output on the display. Being a scientist, I wondered what it was. I conjectured that I was acting as an antenna, picking up stray radio signals. I was half-right, I was picking up the signals from the electronic devices and mains around me.

60Hz signals.

I included my Jacob’s Ladder to show how when the arc breaks and is otherwise moving, it’s visible on the scope display. So much electromagnetic smog! Some people are sensitive to it, but most aren’t.

Scoping My Room’s EMFs

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