Philae making Z’s [GIF]

I wanted to draw a sleeping Philae, as well as make a new icon for sites I frequent, so I doodled something in MS Paint and used an online gif-maker (normally I’d use Photoshop and Flash) to make this icon. I love how his CONSERT sensors are in the perfect place to act as little arms, and the orange tip and mid-point orange bit look like hands and the elbow x3

I’ve never felt this much in love with a space probe before! But I man… just look at him! Look at his canon anthropomorphization and what xkcd anthropomorphized him to be! How can anyone NOT love Philae? He’s a lot like Wall-E! And… being… who I am… well, let’s just say that I’m particularly susceptible to falling in love with Philae! More so than others are! My anthropomorphization is more accurate than either the canon one or the xkcd one. That’s because I love the way he looks, too!

If I ever launch a space probe into space, it is going to have a face printed on one side of it.
Sleep peacefully, little lander. You can sleep long, but don’t go in for the long sleep. We love you, Philae. I love you. We believe in you. You can make it! C’mon! Do it for me. Do it for us all. Do it for the sake of Science!
Philae making Z’s [GIF]

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