Another Fireball

I saw another fireball while stargazing! I mean, I SHOULD be working on college apps, but then I realized the deadline was January 1st for all the colleges I want to apply to, not December 1st. On top of that, I’d still much rather go to MIT anyways. Second choice CalTech (because Berkeley has a cutoff GPA that I likely won’t make), since they’re the MIT of the west. I mean, both are Institutes of Technology. I want to go to *an* Institute of Technology, preferably the one in Massachusetts. xD


I submitted another fireball report today morning

Name [Insert-Real-Name-Here]
Experience (1-5) 4
Comments I saw the fireball in my peripheral vision. Unfortunately, my camera was pointing a few degrees to the right, so I wasn’t able to catch it. It appeared about 15 degrees up above and about 10 degrees to the left of the main body of Canis major, and had approximately the same angle as Orion’s belt (I had been trying to photograph Orion. I’m not sure if I was imagining a bunch of smaller meteors (I know the fireball was real), but it was as if it was a tiny and short meteor shower.
Address Orlando, FL
Geo Loc. 28.4° | -81.5°
Altitude 30.747 meters
Local Date & Time 2014-11-30 03:30:00 EST
UTC Date & Time 2014-11-30 08:30:00 UTC
Duration 0.50 sec.
Direction UpRightToDownLeft
Facing (bearing) 228°
First seen (bearing) 164°
First Altitude 57°
Last seen (bearing) 128°
Last Altitude 49°
Stellar Magnitude -7.00
Color Orange
Observation UNKNOWN
Duration 0.00 sec.
Length 0.00°
Terminal Flash NO
Fragmentation NO
Concurrent Sounds NO
Delayed Sound(s) NO

But I… I finally figured out what that bluish thing I saw when I was very, very young (maybe 5 to 7 years old) was. It was a fireball. May have been a bolide. For years I thought it was a comet, since it looked exactly like the description of one in many books and stuff. I’d even poked my mom (who was watching TV at the time) and said “Look mom, a comet!” but being a layman, she didn’t really care to look up, and had her eyes plastered to the TV. So no one believes me that I saw such a thing. I know what I saw. It wasn’t a comet, but I know I wasn’t imagining what I saw. When I was 10 onwards, I realized it couldn’t have been a comet, since comets don’t enter the earth’s atmosphere, at least, not the way this thing did. You know, it may have been that thing that prompted me to be into astronomy. I remember wanting to know what it was so badly. No one else saw it. It was as big as the sun appears in the sky, and had a very, very high magnitude, near solar magnitude even. Technically it was a UFO, since I couldn’t identify it, and it was flying. But finally, I may have an answer, after over a decade. It was a giant fireball. A GIANT, bluish white fireball. 😀

Another Fireball

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