A Note To Admissions Offices That Might Be Reading This (Particularly MIT) And A Ramble Because I’m Feeling A Stream-Of-Consciousness Style Rant Coming On

Because we had a substitute in calculus today, and we weren’t really doing anything, I spent the entire period explaining fractals, Flatland, the Collatz Conjecture, and wormholes to a classmate. If ever we invent a Portal Gun, I’m sure it’s gonna be MIT that makes it. If so, I hope I get accepted–that way I can work on this! But no, quantum computers are just as mindblowingly awesome! And… and… and… they allow cats in the dorms…

Admissions office of MIT, if you’re reading this (as I’ve requested you look at my blog, and if you are the admissions office, then you clearly are reading this), I hope you see how badly I want in, haha! Admissions offices of other colleges I’m applying to just in case MIT doesn’t see that I have genuine passion (and the fact I literally had a nervous breakdown when I found out my mom had sent the wrong SAT scores at first, but I’d probably have a bigger one if I don’t get accepted and probably go cry in a corner somewhere for the rest of my life since I didn’t achieve my biggest dream since childhood) for math/cosmology/quantum mechanics, well, sure I want to go to MIT more than your college by a huge amount (followed by CalTech–so hi there CalTech admissions office if you’re reading this–yay for breaking the fourth wall!), but heck, if I think I’m good enough for MIT, then surely you’d think I’d succeed at your college too, right? I mean, you’re talking to a girl that loves math more than you’d like to know.

Oh, and MIT (and some other colleges), if you’re reading this, then I forgot to mention in my application that the Math Honors Society of my school is taking us to a math competition. Oh, I’ve been longing to go to one for years! Wait a minute, I just realized–I’m wearing my 6th grade MathCounts shirt, haha! I went to it every year in middle school. Oh and I do high voltage stuff. I just didn’t think I should link to my YouTube channel, since I haven’t been able to upload things to there recently, so I didn’t want to make it seem like I’m not doing anything. But if you want to see, it’s awesomelightning [Mandelbrot Set]. I don’t think I can express enough how badly I want to get into MIT. I’m literally having dreams of going there. It’s *literally* my dream to go there. I mean, recently I’ve been dreaming of frantically working on college applications (among other really strange things that make 0 sense). But you know what I mean. I mean, c’mon… I sleep with my calculator and took him to homecoming, and he’ll also be my prom date… I made him a little duct tape tuxedo and everything! I even slept with my oscilloscope once, but it was too cumbersome to sleep comfortably with.

Ah, I’ll stop rambling right now… it’s 1AM. I’m such a night owl… which in the long run is a good thing, I guess, since I want to study spaaaaaaaace! And it’s quiet, so I can do mathstuffs too. Oh I dream of solving a Millennium Prize Problem one day… Navier-Stokes in particular, since that’s related to turbulence and chaos theory, which is right up my alley.

I love it when free-will people at school try to argue with me. They try to form an argument on the spot, without realizing they’re talking to someone that’s been a determinist since she was 12, and has been into the heavy side of free-will vs. determinism thing for almost two years, and has studied its mathematics for a year. Oh, I whip out my phone and show them Conway’s Game of Life and the Mandelbrot Set… and I constantly call them out on the logical fallacy of personal incredulity… I’ve received 9s on all of my AP Lang essays after the 3rd quarter (all but one of them), likely including on the AP Lang exam (all but one of them). I completely goofed on one of the essays, getting at most a 1 or 2 on it, and because I suck at the multiple choice as given, I must have received an 8 or 9 on both of my other essays (which I spent all my time on, since those are what I’m the best at). I know how to debate and argue. Sadly there’s no debate team that I know of at my school. I also found out only recently that there’s a debate class… half of the electives in my school aren’t even on the form…

On a random note, my brother got that one 41MP camera phone. The thing isn’t a phone with an amazing camera. It’s an amazing camera with a phone. How the hell does that thing take better photos than a DSLR? Oh, so I’m the photographer in the family and he’s the one that gets the phone with the amazing camera? I don’t care about the phone (though I do like Cortana). I just want a damn good camera! It has a fricken shutter and everything, though! But… 41MP… that’s better than amazing… that’s downright goddamn sexy. You’re reading something from someone who’s very first screen name ever (since she was 9) was “TheTechnoGirl.” In fact, that’s still my CollegeBoard username, haha! Once a nerd, always a nerd.

I’m so brown and nerdy. But when I mow the front lawn, I’m on a power mower, and not in preppy clothing. Although I do wish I had more collared shirts to wear on business dress days. I need to make my own version of that Weird-Al parody.

Pardon me while I go take macro photographs of random objects in my room.

A Note To Admissions Offices That Might Be Reading This (Particularly MIT) And A Ramble Because I’m Feeling A Stream-Of-Consciousness Style Rant Coming On

3 thoughts on “A Note To Admissions Offices That Might Be Reading This (Particularly MIT) And A Ramble Because I’m Feeling A Stream-Of-Consciousness Style Rant Coming On

    1. I really, really hope so… my GPA is terrible… but that’s because my school… it’s not about learning… it’s all about testing… oh, I learn the material, but I… I just perform horrendously on tests–and I don’t even get the tests back to see what I need to improve upon! It’s horrible! But I mean, this is Florida. I can’t really expect anything better from a public school… I really hope they’re able to see past my GPA and see how goddamn badly I want to go to MIT… seriously. That’s all that’s been on my mind… it’s a dream I’ve held since I was 2, and… now, within 10 days, I’ll know whether my dream will be fulfilled or crushed… it’s the keystone to everything I’ve ever planned in my life… :c


  1. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    A quantum computer plays a big part in the Fourth Realm Trilogy by John Twelve Hawks. Also his latest book “Spark”. The first book of The Fourth Realm Trilogy came out in 2006 and was written Twenty Minutes Into The Future. Reading that book almost eight years later, it’s amazing how accurate J12H was in predicting much of the incipient technology and the use of that technology.


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