Comet Lovejoy

It’s a long-shot to try and spot it in this suburban sky, especially since I have at most a crappy set of binoculars (I’ve wanted a telescope for a decade…); however, I can see +4.5 magnitude stars naked eye, and magnitude +7.0 distinct objects with my binoculars. I can see even fainter objects in my peripheral vision, but none distinctly. Comet Lovejoy, as of 12/29 midnight, is approximately magnitude +6.0 (which would be naked eye visibility if I didn’t live in Orlando). By January 7th, it should reach magnitude 4.0, which would make it just *barely* visible with my naked eye, and certainly visible with my binoculars. Unfortunately, since I lack the equipment and since my brother lost the CF card (after I gave it to him to match the card reader he said he would buy for me), deleting every single one of the astrophotography pictures I took the other day, I won’t be able to attempt photographing it. Still, it’ll be a treat. I’ve never really seen a comet with my naked eye (I think…)… no wait, I have. When I was very young, I distinctly remember seeing a bluish thing streak across the sky. It was *far* too large and slow to be a meteor of any sort (something of that size would have created a sonic boom), and it had to be a comet. So I guess  my exclamation to my mom (who just missed it and still doesn’t believe what I saw) saying “Look mom, a comet!” was correct…

Still, I’ve never *looked* for a comet, since I never really get the chance. I did look for ISON if I remember correctly. I don’t think I was successful, though. I think I spotted Lovejoy, so I do hope I actually get to see it properly (weather permitting of course), once it’s at its brightest.

Comet Lovejoy

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