Hubble Flyover Photo

9:28PM, there I am, sitting at my computer, when I realized that I should check the Hubble pass timings. Turned out it was flying over just then. So I grabbed my phone, a OnePlus One, whose camera can expose up to 8s. I used my Heavens-Above app to track the exact position of Hubble, and for the first time consciously, I saw Hubble streak across the sky. Just by coincidence, when I snapped this picture, it passed right by Arcturus (the bright dot, mag -.05, 4th brightest star in the night sky). I took a few more, and then broke into my happy dance, because my first ever attempt at photographing a satellite was this epic picture 😀

[Copypasta description of my post from another site since I’m not in the mood to rewrite a similar one]

It reminds me of when people are taking photos of people taking photos.
It’s “vaguely” sexy to think about what exactly I’m looking at whenever I see a satellite, especially a popular one, pass over me. Also clicking on the image takes you to an Imgur link of the image which is at full resolution. 
Hubble Flyover Photo

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