Cosmic Communist
Gainesville, FL

Bio: My name is [redacted]. No, I'm not afraid of the FBI tracking me. Those fucktards can eat my shit-covered bunghole. I just despise my real name. But you can call me Fractal. Yes, like the math thing. I grew up in Orlando, FL, and I am a proud Florida Gator (Math major and Innovation minor). If you go to UF as well, yes, I am indeed that seemingly-crazy girl who walks around with the Soviet flag as a cape. Why do I do it? Simple. It isn't the attention itself I want. It's because the attention gives me the chance to spread the good word of Karl Marx and Lenin. I'm that space and communism obsessed kid, and I will forever be such. Fractal is who Fractal is. If you want to know more about my personality, read SMBC. It sort of reflects who I am so perfectly. I find this "about me" section rather redundant, especially if you have a blog that is reflective of your own life. So just... read my blog if you want to know about me.

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