The Two Types Of ISS

Twice in one day I got the same joke about In School Suspension vs International Space Station. I remember in middle school (and indeed high school, but not as often) needing to say out “International Space Station” instead of just saying ISS. I can’t tell you how many times people would look at me really funny when I say ISS, since their first thought is In School Suspension.

On that note I’ve never had In School Suspension, although I came close to getting ten days of it once. I’ve had one day of Out of School Suspension, but that was due to school protocol, and it was due to a misunderstanding which the dean fully understood was a misunderstanding.

But it got to the point I just had to make this quick doodle:

This would not be a punishment to me at all.
If they were one of the same thing, I’d have gotten in trouble all the time.

It’s hard to freehand the space station quickly.

Also don’t get me started on how many people think I’m saying ISIS when I say ISS.
Whatever the hell will I do with my UF student portal, which is affectionately also called ISIS. And the roman god Isis.

The Two Types Of ISS