My lack of activity has been because I couldn’t think of anything to post. That and I sort of forgot I even had this blog… but it’s mainly because most of my friends who were intellectually stimulating stopped using the sites that I talk to them on, and as such, I wasn’t receiving the mental stimulation necessary to activate my “flow.”

But here are a few updates. I’ll try and keep things short.

Status: Graduated

Age: 18

College: University of Florida, in the Innovation Academy

In a few days,  I’ll have signed up for all of my classes, and I will post a much more detailed update on my academics.

But I shall say that now that I’m 18, I’m a legal adult. I don’t feel any different. Many of my accounts on sites like deviantArt, YouTube, ExperienceProject, and FurAffinity are now fully enabled, as I entered my actual birthdate on there, but that’s about the only difference.

I should have much more to say given that I haven’t posted since Pi Day (and I didn’t even post on my birthday/Tau-Day), but this blog isn’t supposed to be about what’s going on in my life, although I do include such details.

I suppose I can summarize it by doing the following:

New Favorite Movie: Big Hero 6
Recently Saw: Inside Out
New Favorite Pokemon: Rotom

AP Scores:

AP Calculus AB: 4
AP English Literature: 3
AP Psychology: 5

Although Psych is literally the easiest AP test to get a 5 in.

I rescued a Commodore 64 from being thrown away, and my room is covered in posters of Baymax from MegaCon (which I went to as Baymax, as I did to Prom).

I did indeed go to Prom with my calculator, in a dress I made to look like Baymax.

On a scale of [ln(e)] to [sqrt(6^2+8^2)], how would you rate your prom? (Probably a 2...) I was wearing contacts and I sort of looked like a whore, but it was probably the only time I ever had, and likely ever will have, worn heavy make up. As you can see, I made a small tuxedo for Pierre, and I spent time dancing with him. Girls taking their calculator to prom is not unheard of.


I’m not really sure what else to say that would be, well, appropriate for this blog.